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What do you look for in Office Cleaners?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Growing up in my families Office Cleaning Company in Ross on Wye Herefordshire i've come up against all sorts of different issues.

Finding good regular trustworthy staff was an issue for a long time, well anyone can do cleaning can't they?

  • Training

Cleaning in a commercial environment over the years i've found the most important part is to invest in your team, invest the time in giving them the best training, not just pop in give them a spray bottle and a cloth then tell them to get on with it, thats just not right, we like to take the time in the first few days to work with the employees and go through all aspects of the job in hand, Health and Safety, Coshh, colour coding and the right process on each task plus a few more things

Office Cleaners
Giving the best training is Essential

  • Experience

How much experience does the company have? Although Billy Russell Cleaning Ltd is a very new company, we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of the cleaning industry in abundance, from office cleaning through to floorcare, your building is in safe hands

Experience is important

  • Insured

Is the company fully insured?

This is a must have item for a cleaning company, working in a commercial environment office cleaning companies must have the right insurances for the task in hand, here at Billy Russell Cleaning Ltd we've insured (no pun intended) that we have all the right documents in place so you can feel safe that if anything does go wrong we're covered

Having the right insurance will give you piece of mind

These are just a few items that we feel are essential, there are so many more, the right equipment, security checked and references plus many others.

I cannot recommend enough the importance of making an appointment with a professional cleaning company before getting a price or giving a contract

If we can help you with any one of our services please don't hesitate to get in touch

Telephone: 01432 240045

No Pressure, No Obligation, Just an introduction and free advice

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