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We are proud to introduce Mr. Billy Russell, one of the pillars behind the exceptional success of Billy Russell Cleaning Ltd. A seasoned veteran with over three decades of hands-on experience in the cleaning industry, Billy has set new standards of excellence and has pushed the envelope in ensuring top-notch cleaning services.

As the Director of the National Carpet Cleaning Association, Billy's influence and expertise extend beyond our firm, shaping industry standards and practices. His specialties include wood floor sanding, carpet cleaning, and stone floor cleaning, skills honed and perfected over years of practical experience and continuous learning.

In his journey spanning more than 30 years, Billy has seen it all. From the common everyday spills to the toughest grime, there's nothing Billy can't handle. His exceptional ability to restore carpets to their former glory, bring out the grain in wooden floors with precision sanding, and make stone floors gleam like new is testament to his unrivaled skills.

As a director at Billy Russell Cleaning Ltd, Billy infuses his vast experience and uncompromising standards of cleanliness into the heart of our operations. Under his watchful eye and expert guidance, we are proud to deliver a cleaning service that is unmatched in quality and unrivaled in customer satisfaction.

Please meet Mr. Billy Russell - the mastermind who makes our world cleaner, brighter, and indeed, better.




We are honored to present Mrs. Tanya Russell, a dedicated and invaluable leader at Billy Russell Cleaning Ltd. Tanya's extraordinary experience spanning over 25 years in the cleaning industry has shaped our company's principles and set a high bar for service quality and customer satisfaction.

As a Director at Billy Russell Cleaning Ltd, Tanya is the driving force behind the smooth operations and superior service that our company is renowned for. She manages office cleaning contracts with impeccable efficiency and meticulousness, ensuring that each client receives the tailored attention and service that they deserve.

With a knack for organisation and a keen eye for detail, Tanya ensures that the office runs like a well-oiled machine. Every contract, every task, and every cleaning job is meticulously planned and managed under her watchful eyes. This consistent commitment to organisation is a cornerstone of our service delivery and client satisfaction.

Tanya's expertise extends to the comprehensive management of our office cleaning contracts. Under her guidance, offices transform from chaos to cleanliness, and from disarray to a haven of productivity. Her ability to turn any workspace into an environment conducive to efficiency and productivity sets her apart as a true specialist in her field.

Introducing Mrs. Tanya Russell - a seasoned professional, a pillar of our operations, and a leader who embodies the spirit of excellence and dedication that Billy Russell Cleaning Ltd stands for.

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