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Patio Cleaning Hereford

Today we completed a fantastic transformation of a Patio at a customers property in Hereford.

Having recently moved in to their property Mr and Mrs Cook looked at the tired run down paving slabs thinking the could do with a clean to improve them a bit.

After calling a couple of companies they then phoned us, liking our ethos and fair price they went with us.

They did have a few plants around the patio, but it was no problem for us, we moved them around while working to allow us to clean the whole area.

As these slabs were really bad, pressure on its own was not going to be enough, we sprayed down a specialist patio cleaner to allow us to loosen the soil off the slabs.

A combination of cleaning solution, spinning tool and pressure allowed us to make the colours pop, the following pictures really don't do it justice

In the customers words.........

"We knew that they would look better, but we never imagined they would look quite like that!"

We even had a supervisor most of the morning watching us, we called him Robin..........

If you would like a free no obligation quote then please don't hesitate to get in touch

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