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Floor Cleaning Basics

Floors. You can’t avoid walking on them. You can’t avoid looking at them, either. The condition of your floors really affects the appearance of your entire building. When you have visitors, they notice…whether your floors are clean and tidy and in good condition, and if they are soiled and dirty and in need of repair. There are all types of flooring in offices today, from carpet and ceramic tile to luxury vinyl tile (LVT), natural stone, wood and more. It’s generally accepted by most that carpet are easy to care for, regarding routine maintenance. Regular vacuuming does the trick. As a basic rule, vacuum your heavy-use areas once per day. Not the entire building, so don’t panic, but perhaps the Reception and any other common-use areas that are trafficked each day. The other rooms can be vacuumed perhaps 2 to 3 times per week. Ceramic tile is also easy to maintain. It needs swept and mopped frequently to avoid soil build-up. Use neutral cleaners and follow directions. If you notice any streaking after you clean, follow your normal cleaning with a clear water mopping and get it as dry as you can. Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, can be cleaned like ceramic tile, but consider a two-bucket system. One with neutral detergent and another with clear water. Wood flooring is another matter. Be safe and obtain an approved wood cleaning product from the manufacturer, or you can inquire of your favorite cleaning service as to what you should use. After cleaning, you may need to do a light buffing with a soft cloth, especially high traffic areas. Wood is a bit more sensitive than other flooring types, but small surface scratches can often be buffed out. Larger scratches and damage might need to be professional repaired. There are other flooring types, of course, and each one will respond well to proper cleaning. Floor cleaning can be challenging, as well as hard work. Why not leave it to the pros and spend your valuable time doing something else you enjoy? Call your professional cleaning service today.  After all, it pays to call a pro!​

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